Desperate Times.



Hows it going I’m Sparknanator

And to make a long story short I’m being thrown out of my house and I don’t have a dime to my name so if you could PLEASE donate to me that’d be great my email on paypal is

Mindset: If anypony would like to help him, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Do you wear cloth or disposable diapers?

Ah wear cloth till after lunch 

So Granny Smith believes that you're basically a foal simply because you're incontinent. Do Applejack and Big Mac disagree with her?

Course they do! But they are too scared ta’ say anything

Are you going to show us any pictures of the events so we know what happened to you?

Ah’m goin’ ta’ draw somethin;

OOC/MOD:Hey guys listen I didn’t want to go ooc but, am I the only one who noticed the diaper trend I started?

what was your first reacts to wearing diapers?

Ah don’t wanna talk about it

how old are appleboom?

Ah’m 7!

Geneva: Welcome to the club.

Tha club?

As far as I'm concerned, you're still the same pony. If you took your bow off, you would still be Appleboom. So adding something doesn't make a difference either.

Well thank ya

ummm did you know in a atl unaverse scoots and sweetie belle are in diaper too?

Ani uniwhat?